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At Ramsey Junior School we strive for all children to develop a love of reading and to
be confident in communicating their ideas through Speaking and Listening and Writing.
By the end of Year 6 it is our intention that every child should:

● Be able to write consistently and accurately in a variety of styles, both in English
and across the curriculum.
● Be able to read fluently and at length.
● Write in a neat, joined consistent manner.
● Be able to apply these skills to meet the general demands of secondary school.
● Read for pleasure as well as for knowledge.

English is a core subject and is taught for an hour each day. In addition to this, children
are given opportunities to practice and apply their skills in other areas of the curriculum.
During these daily English lessons, the children are taught to write in a variety of styles,
such as: reports, stories, poetry, instructions, explanation, discussion and persuasion.
The teachers ensure that each piece of writing has a purpose that is meaningful to the

As the curriculum requires children to write in a grammatically accurate way and have a
technical understanding of grammar, this is taught where relevant within the daily English lessons. The children receive daily spelling teaching and this supports weekly spelling test. They are expected to apply this to their daily writing in all subjects. We encourage all of our children to have a love of reading. They are given opportunities and are encouraged to read for pleasure. Reading and comprehension is taught daily. During these sessions, the children learn to read and understand a variety of text, such as: newspapers, non-fiction, short and extended stories, magazines, letters, advertisements etc. We aim to ensure that the children’s reading ability is a tool not a barrier to their future learning. The teachers ensure that the children are able to access high level texts, regardless of their reading ability. This enables them to learn and understand a variety of knowledge and develop a rich, varied vocabulary.

Phonics & Reading

Phonics and reading fluency is secured using a variety of reading schemes such as Oxford Reading Tree, Project X. Once children have reached a secure level of fluency and comprehension we provide a range of reading genres, including modern classic fiction which are banded into different levels to develop comprehension up to year 6.

Reading Comprehension is an important skill when learning to read.

Reading domains are taught using The Canine Gang:

Victor Vocabulary, Rex Retriever, Sequencing Suzi, Inference Iggy and Predicting Pip. (see pdfs below)