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Update from Jem Shuttleworth - Director of Governance & Policy for The Elliot Foundation Trust 


The Elliot Foundation Academies Trust is the education charity that runs the school and is responsible for the governance of the school.


The Covid-19 Scheme of Delegation (see documentation below) sets out the delegated powers during the public health emergency with local governance suspended at the present time.


Later this academic year and in line with the re-instigation of all national accountability measures we will look to resume local governance. Local representatives (pupils, parents, staff and wider community) will be supported to form a Community Council to provide local knowledge, understanding and expertise around ethos, curriculum and well being on behalf of the community that the school serves. 


Please contact the Director of Governance and Policy if there are any questions about the governance of the school or Trust -

Governance Pilot School - 26.11.19


Ramsey Junior School is part of The Elliot Foundation governance pilot for the 2019/20 academic year.  This means that the school is being governed centrally by the Operations Group of the Trust (


The Local Governing Body is being supported to reconstitute as a Community Council with representation from pupils, parents, staff and wider community.  The Community Council will provide local knowledge, understanding and expertise around ethos, vision and curriculum on behalf of the community that the school serves.


Please find a link here which shows the flow of accountability, representation and feedback.  If you have any questions please contact Jem Shuttleworth, Director of Governance and Policy (

Our Governors


Members of the Federated Governing Body of Ramsey Spinning Infants & Ramsey Junior School:


Mr David Wallwork - Chair of Governors

Mrs Patsy Peres - Executive Principal

Mrs Danielle Smith - Staff Governor

Mrs Pauline Houlden - Staff Governor

Mrs Michelle Bryan - Foundation Governor

Mrs Frances Evans - Foundation Governor


What do Governors do?


As a Federated Governing Board we work to ensure that both schools (the senior leadership team and all of the teachers) are doing what they should do so that all of the pupils can reach their potential.  We are committed to achieving the best for all of our pupils and work closely with the senior leadership team to raise attainment and progress.  We monitor the schools through learning walks, looking at children's books and link visits with subject co-ordinators.  We closely monitor and evaluate all data on progress and attainment and work with both schools to set priorities each year.