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Children may bring packed lunches, have school meals or may go home for lunch. We encourage parents to consider the health requirements of growing children when preparing packed lunches.

Healthy Eating: We are committed to providing our children with the BEST start in life. With this in mind, we teach children to make healthy choices with their food. All school meals are low fat, sugar and salt using high fibre ingredients when appropriate.

We encourage parents to provide healthy packed lunches for your children. We are pleased to see: cereal bars, yoghurts, fruit, vegetable sticks, cheese strings/straws etc. We do not like to see: sweets, fizzy drinks, crisps or chocolate bars. These are not encouraged at Ramsey Junior School and we hope you will support us with this, just as you do with supporting us encouraging manners, good behaviour and trying hard with school work.

For safety reasons, we do not allow glass bottles or cans for drinks.


Playpals: Children from year 5, over the year, have the opportunity to volunteer to be a playground Playpal. This encourages leadership and cooperation skills, as children take responsibility for break time equipment and organisation of games for other children to play. Children are encouraged to enjoy break times and make it a fun and safe time, being there as a friend so there is always someone to play with. Over the summer term, the most successful Playpals begin to train children in year 4 for the role.

Peer Mediators: Year 6 children, can also continue this involvement with break time by becoming Peer Mediators. This is a part of our PSHE, conflict resolution work, where children are encouraged through peer mediator support to hold constructive conversations to solve low level disagreements which may occur such as agreeing rules in a game or sharing equipment or children building communication skills to solve issues between themselves where possible.


School Meals: All school meals are cooked on site by Dolce

They rent a room from us, are in charge of the menus and employ the cooks.   School dinners are not the responsibility of the staff at Ramsey Junior School.  We merely provide a venue as a courtesy to parents and children.  If you have any concerns or issues please contact Dolce directly.

Also available daily                                            

A Variety of salads, yoghurts and freshly baked bread.

School Grid

At Ramsey Junior School we use an online booking and meal selection service through School Grid

Selections  must be made before 8.45am daily. 

School meals cost £2.45 per day (subject to price increase) and must be paid for at the time of booking unless your child is entitled to Free School Meals (FSM). 

The school office will generate an email in order to set up an account.