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Meet the teacher

Moving to a new teacher is an exciting experience, but can also be an anxious time for some children (and parents) especially those starting in a new school environment.

Here you can meet your child's new teacher 'virtually' together in preparation for the new term in September.

Year 3 - Miss Ross & Miss van der Gaag

Miss Ross (Cedar class)
Miss van der Gaag (Hawthorn class)

Year 4 - Mrs Conner & Mrs Brook

Beech class
Mrs Conner - (Mon-Wed)
Mrs Brook - (Wed-Fri)

Year 4 - Mrs Ascroft-Walker

Willow class

Year 5 - Miss Millican

Ash class

Year 5 - Mrs Juniper

Sycamore class

Year 6 - Mr Robertson, Mrs Smith, Mr Parnell & Mrs Negus

Mr Robertson (Chestnut class)
Mrs Smith & Mr Parnell (Oak class)
Mrs Negus (Chestnut & Oak class)