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Tag Rugby Club

This half term, Years 5 and 6 have completed 7 weeks of Tag Rugby in curriculum PE lessons. 

Tag Rugby club started in week 2, and soon became very popular, with a waiting list of keen children.

By week 4, all those who wished to join had gained a place at the club. smiley

Children have loved being able to apply the skills and concepts covered in lessons, to the club drills and activities. We have played lots of fun games, involving scarecrow tag, passing the ball on the move and scoring tries. Also, the children have learned how and when to play attack and defence in this fast-moving, action-packed game.

Finally, they have learned the rules of this sport and some have gained confidence in refereeing games.  


Did you know...?

A junior Tag Rugby pitch is 30m wide by 60 metres long! This is a huge area.

Being a quick and nimble runner is a real advantage in the game. 

Year 5 and 6 have enjoyed Tag Rugby Club this half term.