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Year 3

Autumn A


To kick start our science topic, the children took part in some fun and interactive experiments and games.

Practical Maths

The children had fun today learning about place value using the Dienes equipment.

Reading for Pleasure

The children love the reading areas in year 3 and exploring all the new books on offer!

R.E. - Diwali

Year 3 have had a creative afternoon learning about the Diwali festival. They got to design and mold their own diva lamps out of clay and painting them using lots of bright colours.

English - Character Descriptions

Today, the children have been using drama to build ideas and vocabulary to support writing their own character descriptions. Lots of fun was had by all!

Remembering the Queen

Year 3 have been remembering Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II through their own drawings and writing personal comments and messages of thanks. 

Pizza Making

During English this week are publishing our instructions on how to make a pizza.  We have enjoyed putting them to the test. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed eaten them!

Spring A

Science - Observations

Year 3 have been using a scientific key to identify the different types of rocks.

Pupils became the teachers!

Year 3 had an exciting afternoon teaching their parents, carers and even grandparents all about Rocks and Soils. Adults were taught how to sort rocks using a scientific key, discover the uses and properties of man-made and natural rocks and investigate fascinating fossils and how they form.

Times Tables Rock Star 

Hawthorn Rockers

Hawthorn Class Rocking Out !