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Year 5

Autumn A 

This half term our main topic focus is a history one. We study the Ancient Greeks and link this to other areas of the curriculum. 

Myth Role Play

At the start of the year, the children enjoyed reading myths and immersed themselves in drama linked to this. They chose a myth they wanted to recreated and acted these out in the revamped 'performing arts room'. Mrs Stroud popped down to see some of the performances and was very impressed with what the children produced! 


In Art, we have researched and designed our own Greek vases. The children have now begun the process of using paper mâché to create their vase. 

Greek Day

To round of our learning about Greeks, the children enjoyed an activity filled day where they were given the opportunity to dress up and live like an ancient Greek. The children got to finish the art work they have been working on, try new foods, learn about the origins of the Olympics and learn more about Greek Gods and Goddesses. 

Autumn B

This half term our main focus is Geography. Within this we will be look at Rivers and linking this to our scientific knowledge about the water cycle. 


We made a river! 

To launch our topic this half term, we started by recreating a river in our nature area. We looked at how rivers begin as well as how erosion can take place and cause the river to take a new path. We discussed the three main sections of a river and looked out for fast flowing water in the middle course. In the lower course of the river, we could see how sediment had built up and was deposited near the mouth. 


This half term we have been learning about materials, their properties and how they change. As part of this we have been completing many practical investigations. We have investigated which materials dissolves, how to separate materials and explored reversible and irreversible changes. 

Royal Opera House Project

As part of our school Arts Mark Award, the Year 5 children have been taking part in a 'Create and Design' Project. We have been commissioned as stage designers and have been asked to design a set for a scene from the Alice in Wonderland Ballet. We have researched the role of a stage design, found out more about the Royal Opera House and have begun to collate our ideas in a portfolio. In addition to this, we we have taken part in some role play where we acted out a scene we wanted to design and invited parents in to help create mood boards prior to beginning the construction of our designs. 


This half term we have been focusing on the artist Claude Monet. Children have explored his work and given their opinions. Having analysed techniques and mediums used, the children went on to create their own recreations using watercolour paints. 

Spring A 


This half term our main topic is 'Space'. This will have a large science focus but we will also cover many historic events within our learning. 


The children started this half term finishing off their D.T. unit from last half term. They were able to design and make their own cam toys with an under the sea theme. 


The children took on some role play as part of their introduction to their new space topic. They investigated movements of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon and recreated how they orbited and rotated. 


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Spring B 


This half term we will continue our learning about Space. We will also have a Science focus of Forces. In addition to this, we hope to conclude our Royal Opera House Project. 


The children used practical resources to help introduce them to the concept of a fraction of an amount. They worked in groups to split the objects into a set number of groups based on the denominator. They then considered what impact the numerator had and how they could calculate this. 

Royal Opera House 

Children finally got to make their final backcloth designs for their Royal Opera House project. They loved being creative and artistic with their designs.  

Mad Hatter's Tea Party (Royal Opera House)

To celebrate all their success with their Royal Opera House Project, the children came into school dressed in Alice in Wonderland outfits or bright colours to enjoy a well deserved Tea Party. They also joined in with dance and craft sessions linked to what they had learnt. 

A trip to the library

Year 5 love to read and what better way to spend a morning than a trip to the library!


Children have been learning about 'Working Together' in PSHE this term. They took part in lots of activities to get them thinking about what good communication entails. They also took part in debates and considered how they could use the communication skills they discussed previously to aid them with this. 

Space Centre Trip

Children had a wonderful time at Leicester Space Centre. They got to explore the exhibits, enjoy a planetarium show and get hands on with the practical elements on offer - including driving a replica Mars Rover. 

Peter Thorpe Art

This half term the children looked at work by the artist Peter Thorpe. They learnt he how he used leftover paint from previous commissions to create his piece and did the same, using spare resources from our Royal Opera House project. They then used oil pastels and pieces of scrap paper to help create a multi-medium piece. 

Science - Forces Experiments 

Our Science focus this half term has been Forces. The children have enjoyed conducting some experiments where they investigated a range of forces and considered factors that affect these. They measured friction through measuring how much force is required to move a shoe on a range of surfaces, investigated the affects of air resistance by using a range of parachutes and looked at water resistance by changing the shape and size of an object dropped into water. 

Easter Team Work Scavenger Hunt Challenge 

As a treat to finish a very busy term, Year 5 and 6 got together to complete a fun end of term treat. The children worked in mixed year 5 and 6 teams and scoured the playground looking for eggs with a range of questions for them to solve. The children worked brilliantly and loved the opportunity to work with other children from their phase. There was lots of fun, lots of laughter and the children were rewarded with a nice chocolate treat for their brilliant enthusiasm and team work! 

Summer A 

This half term our main topic focus is a geography one. We study the location of Brazil as well as its climate, its geographical features and its food and culture. 

Trip to Cambridge Science Centre at Ramsey Rural Museum. 

This half term, children visited a pop-up science centre at the Rural Museum. They were able to explore a range of exhibits and took part in a workshop looking at the use of robotic arms on the International Space Station (linking to their previous topic last half term. 

King Charles III Coronation Day Activities 

To mark this significant moment in history, the children in both classes took some time to learn about the King, his coronation and what would happen on the day. They took part in some activities and joined together for a 'Street Party' (in the hall). A big thank you to the PFA for donating the treats for the children. 

DT - Baking 'Pao de Queijo' 

This half term, children have made their own interpretation of a Pao de Queijo. They tried a range of cheeses before deciding which product to use in their final product. Children got to taste their products and have been critical in evaluating the products they created.

Brazil Day

To finish off our Brazil topic, the children were involved in a Carnival themed day. The children took part in samba dancing, samba drumming and a 'Brazilian Brunch'. They also looked at the Brazilian artist Romero Britto and completed a piece of their own artwork in his style.