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Year 6

Autumn A

Social Distancing Team Games

Survival Day

As part of our survival topic, year 6 have been having fun using their team building skills and problem solving in a variety of activities and tasks.

Building a survival Shelter

Making dirty water clean

Making Survival Keyrings

Fitness Training

                                Autumn B - World War II Experience

As part of our WWII topic, the children will experience what life was like during WWII and how it affected people's lives. During our 'WOW' day, the children were given identify cards and listened to Neville Chamberlain's declaration of war speech. Some children went to sign up for the army, some children went to join the local home guard, some children were evacuated to the countryside and some children worked on the farms as land girls as part of the war effort.

Home Guard Training 'Dad's Army'


Land Army - Dig for Victory!

Army Training

Food Tasting - War Time/Rationed Food

The children had a fantastic afternoon tasting a range of foods that would have been eaten during the war: corned beef and spam, vegetable soup, homemade bread with beetroot, vegetable pie, apple crumble with custard and tinned fruit with carnation milk.

Autumn Term Art

During this term's art lessons, the children had produced some spectacularly effective art work. Cherry blossom and The Great Wave in the style of Hokusai, the famous, Japanese artist.

VE Day Celebrations

The children have spent this term learning about what life was like during WWII. Today, the children celebrated the end of the war in the style of a VE Day steet party, reunited with their families once more.

Christmas 'Social Distanced' Singing

The year 6 children have been busy practising The 12 Days of Christmas ready for our joint video performance with the rest of the school. 

Science Day 2021

The children have been learning about the job of the heart and how important and complex our circulatory system is. The day was jampacked with drama, art, experiments and observations!

Re-creating the Circulatory System

Making Blood

Diffusion and Absorption 

TV Adverts - How to keep our heart healthy


The children had a fantastic 'wear it wild' day...

Sports Day