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Year 6

Year 6 Sats Information

Autumn A

Team Building

Our new year 6 children have had a fantastic time playing team games. They were fantastic at working together by using great communication skills, encouraging and helping each other to complete the tasks.


The children have been putting their survival skills and knowledge to the test as part of their new topic. They designed their own survival pouches, made paracord keyrings, took part in a fitness test, worked as a team to solve survival scenarios and experimented with filtering dirty water into cleaner water.

Fitness Test

Science Experiments

Paracord Keyrings

Survival Scenarios

Music in Year 6

The children have had fun learning how to play a variety of tuned and untuned percussion instruments, composing and performing together to create music that depicts the changing of weather or seasons.

Design and Technology - Sewing

Our year 6 children have been learning new sewing skills to make their survival pouch designs come to life! They have chosen a suitable material, learnt how to put it together using a running stitch and have sewn on buttons and clips to make it function.

Science - Looking at fossils

Year 6 have been learning about how fossils are made and how scientists use them to provide information about living things that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago. We also learnt about the life and career of the English paleontologist, Mary Anning.

English - Research

The children have had fun exploring different holiday destinations on the Tui website. They have been collating interesting vocabulary and phrases to use when they write their own holiday brochures.

Autumn B


To start our new topic on world wars, the children took part in drama activities to experience what life might have been like at the start of the war. All the children were issued with identity cards and split off into families. They then got together to listen to 'the declaration of war' by Neville Chamberlain. 

Some of the children were evacuated to the countryside and given gas masks and learnt how to darn their socks. Some of children helped the war effort by digging for victory as part of the land army. Some other children signed up to go into the army and trained to fight while some of the older generations formed a local home guard defence unit and learnt about the German spy, Josef Jakobs.

The Army

The Home Guard

The Evacuees

The Land Army


Year 6 have started their computing lessons, learning how to code and debug using the software programme Scratch. The children were so excited to create animations by setting instructions.

English - Word banks

Year 6 enjoyed sharing war-time story settings with each other. They were challenged to use their ideas from what they had read into a joint word bank for their next story writing task. 

VE Day

To round off our World War 2 topic, the children celebrated in style with a 'street style' party. We had food, drinks, flag making and singing along to Vera Lynn!

Spring A

WOW DAY - Natural Disasters

To start our new topic on natural disasters, the children have had an amazing time designing and making their own volcanoes. They then exploded them using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and observed the chemical reaction!

National Story Telling Week - NIE Theatre

As part of the national story telling week, year 6 were audience for the famous Shakespeare play - Hamlet. The talented performers from NIE Theatre performed the play using minimal props from a suitcase and engaged the children through song, drama, humour and a bit of audience participation! 

Times Tables Rock Stars Day

Today, the children dressed up as rock stars to help celebrate national number day. We have been playing games and fun maths activities as well as taking part in the TT Rock Stars' National Number Day competition. 

World Book Day

As part of world book day, the children dressed up as their favourite character from a book. They also took part in a variety of fun activities: a book search around the playground, a library quiz and designing a front cover from a favourite book to encourage other children to read it.

P.E. - Tennis

This term, the children are learning the fundamental skills of tennis, including practising different strokes and developing flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance.

Science - Electricity

As scientists, we have started our topic looking at electricity in the home. The children identified possible dangers of electricity and learnt how electricity reaches our homes. The children observed and investigated the difference between cells and batteries and how different batteries power a range of appliances in the home.

Spring B

Ramsey Library Visit

Oak and Chestnut classes enjoyed an afternoon at our local library. The children investigated how the books are categorised and the wide range of books and activities available to them. 

Science - Light

This term, the children have been learning about light. They have observed and investigated how light travels in straight lines, how it reflects and refracts and how the eye sees objects. They also researched the physicist and mathematician Isaac Newton, who began a series of experiments with sunlight and prisms, demonstrating that clear white light is made up of seven visible colours.


R.E. - Holi Festival

The children learnt about how the Hindu's celebrate the Holi festival of colours and Spring. The children used white baby power which symbolizes peace and friendship.  

Summer A

Topic - Are humans more important than animals?

As part of our new topic 'Endangered Animals', the year 6 children searched the playground for a variety of species from around the world. As part of the task, the children had to find out the species conservation status and find a reason why they are vulnerable or close to becoming extinct. 

Skipping Week

Year 6 have been practising their skipping skills this week as part of the national skipping day on 24th April 2024. They have been working towards certificates of achievement for a variety of skipping skills and challenges.