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Year 6

Year 6 Sats information

Autumn A


Our new year 6 children have had a fantastic time playing team games. They were fantastic at working together by using great communication skills, encouraging and helping each other to complete the tasks.


The children have been putting their survival skills and knowledge to the test as part of their new topic. They designed their own survival pouches, made paracord keyrings, took part in a fitness test, worked as a team to solve survival scenarios and experimented with filtering dirty water into cleaner water.

Fitness Test

Paracord Keyrings

Survival Scenarios

Music in Year 6

The children have had fun learning how to improvise on the glockenspiels and performing together in a jazz-style ensemble. 

Design and Technology - Sewing

Our year 6 children have been learning new sewing skills to make their survival pouch designs come to life! They have chosen a suitable material, learnt how to put it together using a running stitch and have sewn on buttons and clips to make it function.

Science - Looking at fossils

Year 6 have been learning about how fossils are made and how scientists use them to provide information about living things that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago. We also learnt about the life and career of the English paleontologist, Mary Anning.

Year 6 P.E.

This half term, year 6 have been developing their dribbling, passing and shooting skills in football. They have really enjoyed playing small 5-a-side matches showing great team work and communication.

Autumn B

Rock Stars Day

The year 6 children transformed into rock stars today, practising their times tables through fun games and quizzes. All the children had a brilliant day!

World War II Day

To launch our new topic on WW2, the children experienced what life was like in England from 3rd September 1939. From signing up to the army to farming as a land girl, the children had a fantastic time learning first-hand what families might have experienced during the start of WW2.

The Army

Home Guard

The Land Army

First Aiders

Rationing - Food Tasting

Today, the children had the opportunity to taste foods from recipes created during WWII. They also looked at rationing books, coupons and how much food (and other products) were available each week for adults and children. They children had a fantastic afternoon trying some new foods!

Christmas Lunch

The year 6 children had a lovely Christmas dinner today with crackers and party hats! 

Science - Periscopes

As part of the science topic 'light', the children have had a fun afternoon making their own periscopes. The have been learning that light travels in straight lines from a light source and how reflection and refraction works.

R.E. Day - Judaism

The children have had a brilliant day learning about one of the main religions, Judaism. They researched the beliefs, teachings, practices and ways of life for Jewish adults and children as well as listening to traditional stories. Throughout the day, the children made the Star of David, Mezuzahs, the Tzedakah box and a Torah scroll. 

A Special Christmas Treat

Year 6 had their visit from Santa this morning, delivering presents and talking to the children. This was then followed by a delicious, hot chocolate!

Spring A


As part of our new topic 'Natural Disasters', the children had fun making their own volcanos and erupting them using vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, washing up liquid and food colouring!

Trinity Arts Award

The year 6 children have finally received their Arts Awards from the Trinity exam board. They took part in a national arts project with the Royal Opera House, learning all about 'behind the scenes' and 'set design'. The children had the opportunity to create their own set designs, based on their favourite scene from the new ballet, Alice in Wonderland. All the children achieved an Arts Award Explore certificate, an Entry Level (Entry 3) qualification on the Regulated Qualifications Framework.

Year 6 P.E. - Net Games

The children have had fun learning the skills needed to play badminton, improving accuracy skills, footwork and learning different ways of serving. We finished off the term playing competitive, singles games in classes.

Spring B


The children this term have been learning how to code their own games. They have been programming sets of instructions to design and create a child-friendly game, debugging as they go.

PFA Fundraising 22.2.22

Book Swap

The year 6 children loved choosing a new book as part of the school book swap! 

Year 6 Book Blanket

The school has bought a number of new picture books as part of the school's 'Reading for Pleasure' project. Year 6 got to read and share the new books first which was very exciting! 

Summer A

Spot the Endangered Animals!

The year 6 children searched the school to find and collect information about some of the endangered animals from around the world. They worked in teams to see who could find the most facts before the time was up.


Our fantastic year six children before and after SATS week.

Croissants, crumpets, toast, fruit, cereal and pancakes for morning breakfasts and an ice-cream factory treat when it was all over on Friday!