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Year 6

Autumn A


Our new year 6 children have had a fantastic time playing team games. They were fantastic at working together by using great communication skills, encouraging and helping each other to complete the tasks.


The children have been putting their survival skills and knowledge to the test as part of their new topic. They designed their own survival pouches, made paracord keyrings, took part in a fitness test, worked as a team to solve survival scenarios and experimented with filtering dirty water into cleaner water.

Fitness Test

Paracord Keyrings

Survival Scenarios

Music in Year 6

The children have had fun learning how to improvise on the glockenspiels and performing together in a jazz-style ensemble. 

Design and Technology - Sewing

Our year 6 children have been learning new sewing skills to make their survival pouch designs come to life! They have chosen a suitable material, learnt how to put it together using a running stitch and have sewn on buttons and clips to make it function.

Science - Looking at fossils

Year 6 have been learning about how fossils are made and how scientists use them to provide information about living things that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago. We also learnt about the life and career of the English paleontologist, Mary Anning.